The Thompson Family: Untold Stories of the Past (1830-1960)


Thompson Family, The: Untold Stories from the Past (1830-1960) by Dr. Walter B. Curry Jr., Softcover 124 pages $30.00 + 6.50 S&H


The Thompson Family: Untold Stories of the Past (1830-1960) is the first of several volumes that chronicles the genealogical epoch of the Thompson Family. From the bowels of the Skillet Community of Salley, South Carolina, this book chronicles the reflections and experiences of relatives that intersects the common themes of African-American History as well as themes of civic engagement, morality, virtue, struggle, tragedy, and achievement. Several narratives which include a slave who purchased his freedom, a relative who served as a cook in the Confederate Army, a young relative who was tragically murdered, and a sharecropper who became a prominent soil conservationist. Overall, the book narrates the generational diversity of the Thompson family.