Sketches of Planters, Plantations, and Living Along The Great Road Saint Mark’s Parish 1700-2000


Sketches of Planters, Plantations, and Living Along the Great Road, Saint Mark’s Parish 1700-2000, Revised 2016, by Charles Broadwell. Softcover spiralbound 276 pages. $40.00 + $6.50 S&H


Prologue. Personal – Researching houses along The Great Road has grown from a curiosity to a passion.  Writing these house sketches has been a learning experience.  I have gained a knowledge of American history I never knew existed.  I was introduced to great American patriots like General Richard Richardson, Captain William Richardson, Colonel Matthew Singleton, Captain John Singleton.  Then there were the British officers that brought utter ruin to our area; General Rawdon, General Cornwallis, and Colonel Tarleton.  I knew little of the Southern Campaign, and nothing to the battles that took place along the Great Road during the Revolutionary War.  Without the Southern Campaign, there is a strong possibility the Revolutionary War would have been lost and our lives very different.

In the first version of Planters, Plantations and Living Along the Great Road the emphasis was placed on the houses with a tenancy to give little space to the people that occupied those houses.  And in spite of my research there were plantations that I completely missed.  In this revised version more has been included about the people and additional plantations have been added.  In spite of my research efforts, are still plantations to be uncovered and still more information to be researched about the plantations along The Great Road.