Quilting, An American Folkart

The term “quilt” comes from the Latin culcita, meaning a stuffed sack.  The word has come to have two meanings.  It is used as a noun, meaning the 3-layer stitched bedcovering.  It is also used as a verb, meaning the act of stitching through the 3 layers to hold them together.  A quilt is a cloth sandwich, with a top. which is usually the decorated part, a back, and a filler in the middle.  Under the general term of patchwork are 3 different types of guilts:  (1)  the plain or whole cloth quilt, also known as counterplane, is usually made of single pieces of material on the top and back, the decoration is obtained by means of padded or corde quilting in more or less elaborate design.  (2) the applique guilt often made of whole cloth with the design applied to a single larger piece of fabric, or combined in some way with patchwork design.  (3) pieced or patchwork quilts are those quilt tops whose design is composed of separate elements sewn together (pieced).  Either new fabric or carefully saved scraps are cut into pieces and sewn together to form designs.  Small pieces are typically joined together into easily handled blocks that are then sewn into strips.  The strips are joined to form the completed quilt top.  Sometimes a border is added.

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