The African American genealogy website, OurBlackAncestry.com (often abbreviated as OBA), is an online repository of records that name the names of people who were enslaved.  Working with a major genealogy company, OBA aims to create a platform where African American researchers will be able to search, view and download copies of records with a click of a button.  This service will be provided FREE of charge and there is no limit to the number of pages/records that can be digitized, the more the better.

The website managers only ask that donors sign an agreement that gives OBA the right to digitize the material and put it online.  Documents will be sent to Utah to be digitized but safe passage and return will be assured.  The site is especially interested in records of slaveholding familie.

If people have records in their possession or know where records can be accessed in a courthouse, library or other institution please email  smorgan@ourblackancestry.com with “Slave Records” in the subject line.

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