2020 Calendar Year

20 Jan 2020 – Speaker – David H Brown. Topic – “Only Death (Tragedy in Williamsburg)”. A historical fiction account based on a actual event that occurred in three South Carolina counties in the year 1870. Primarily Williamsburg and involving Georgetown and Charleston.

17 Feb 2020 – Speaker – Dr. Glen Browder. Topic – Dramatic developments signal end to debate about Cheraw Indians and Turkish people in Sumter County.

Cancelled 16 Mar 2020 – Speaker – Fritz Hamer, PhD. Topic – “World War I Pilots from South Carolina.” The presentation will focus on Elliott White Springs from Lancaster SC and Ervin Shaw from Alcolu and Sumter SC. (Cancelled)

Cancelled 20 Apr 2020 – Speaker – Clay Lowder, MD. Topic – “Winners Travel, A Doctor’s Guide to Mental, Spiritual and Physical Health”, based on his book published in 2019. (Cancelled)

18 May 2020 – Speaker – Charles “Charlie” D Walton. Topic – “Good stories to share about genealogy, research and about the Mormon facilities and how to access them”